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ABM Project Engineers Package

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ABM Project Engineers Package is compiled with the ideal tools for managing a competitive business, with special focus on time and cost tracking through single-entry work flow. The package includes the core ABM accounting system with job costing, as well as the recommended Job & Timesheeting, Project Invoicing, Subcontractor Claims and Business Intelligence optional modules.


The package is able to be customised to fit requirements, from removing or adding optional modules to specific bespoke applications developed for clients. The choice between Small Business or Enterprise editions are also available to suit.

Our Project Engineers Industry Solution is a combination of our powerful core accounting software and the following optional modules:

Time management isn’t a new concept, but good time management is about developing techniques for handling the tasks that need to be done. Whilst job costing in the accounting system includes timesheet entry, ABM’s Time Management System (TMS) offers a much higher level of management, control and fast data entry against jobs using flexible and efficien... Click here to learn more about Jobs & Timesheeting.
ABM Alchemex
Advanced Business Manager’s powerful reporting module, ABM Alchemex, gives your business the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. Effortlessly create reports and analyze data from Advanced Business Manager utilizing the familiar Microsoft® Excel® applic... Click here to learn more about Business Intelligence.
The ABM Project Invoicing module allows you to invoice charges to a job according to variable criteria, allowing fast flexible invoice creation for customer projects and jobs. It lets the user choose the amount to invoice, and the value of work in progress to be written off. Whilst the module will primarily be used where a job spans over a period of time,... Click here to learn more about Project Invoicing.
The module is designed for entry of subcontractor claims against a job or project. This allows the set up of subcontractors as suppliers in the system and assigns them to specific jobs or projects, allowing the processing of interim claims submitted from subcontractors for the work done so far. A claim received by the main contractor is then entered throu... Click here to learn more about Subcontractor Claims.

Other recommended Optional Modules

CRM Software, Asset ManagementBranch Management and Document Server