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  • Aug 24 2018


    How to improve your invoicing processes

    To make your invoicing faster, you need a system in place that allows flexibility, is easy-to-use, and can keep your quotes and other key information in the same place. Invoicing efficiency for businesses ensures timely payments and makes a good impression on clients. A business will not survive long if its invoicing procedures are sloppy, as cash flow is critical for a company to continue investing and meet running costs. Our Advanced Business Manager (ABM) solution enables you to customise your invoices and produce quotes in a simple interface.With our system you can overhaul your invoicing process by following these three tips.1. Invoice as soon as job is completeDifferent clients will have different payment cycles. Some will only make payments once or twice a month, and may have little or no flexibility. Whether or not you know their payment cycle, by sending an invoice as soon as possible, you maximise your chances of being included on their next batch. It also makes you look efficient and organised; sending an invoice several months after completion will not give a good impression. ABM allows you to send an invoice at any stage of a project, enabling you to customise your methods according to client preferences.

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  • Aug 14 2018

    The business benefits of time management software

    When it comes to keeping a business on track, time management software cannot be overlooked. Time is money, and if you're not recording it properly you won't be able to pay employees their due nor will you be able to invoice your customers properly.On top of the regular timesheet features in the base accounting software, ABM has the option for an additional jobs and timesheeting module. What benefits can it add to your business?1. You can track jobs more efficientlyKeeping on top of costs requires you know exactly what's going into a product in terms of both materials and labour. If you're not tracking time carefully, it can be easy to misunderstand what a product actually cost you to make, and therefore what you need to charge for it in order to profit. Job tracking also helps you learn how long jobs take, and gives you the opportunity to look for points in the production that can be improved.

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  • Aug 14 2018

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